• hera


    HERA is our newest model, lightweight and most ergonomic.
  • magnus


    MAGNUS offers our most powerful motor and dual vibrating pads to remove more microscopic dust.
  • smart


    SMART is our original model and our most popular.
  • genie


    UVGuard GENIE with suction cyclone and vibrating brush uses a patented 3-stage cleaning system.
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Vibrating Pad

First, UVGuard employs a patented vibrating pad to shake microscopic particles and dust mites free from mattresses, pillows and linens.

UV-C Sterilization

Next, using a UV-C sterilization lamp, bacteria and other microorganisms are killed to guarantee bedding and other surfaces germ free.

Vacuum Pollutants

In the final stage of cleaning, UVGuard employs its powerful suction to capture the now dead dust mites and bacteria trapping them using a special microfiltration system.

Two-stage Filtration

A cartridge filter automatically captures larger particles and retains them so they cannot reenter the room.

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