Our Technology


UVGuard uses a unique three-stage allergy care system and a two-stage filtration process to capture and retain mites, dust, allergens, bacteria and larger pollutants to release only clean and healthy air. UVGuard carries out all of these steps automatically as it sweeps across a surface.



Vibrating Pad
First, UVGuard employs a patented vibrating pad to shake microscopic particles and dust mites free from mattresses, pillows and linens. The pad vibrates 3,600 times per minute extracting even the most resilient mites embedded in fabrics.



UV-C Sterilization
Next, using a UV-C sterilization lamp, bacteria and other microorganisms are killed to guarantee bedding and other surfaces germ free. Based on technology from Philips and Sankyo, this 8-Watt lamp uses a highly effective 253.7 nanometer wavelength and does not generate any ozone.

 Vacuum Pollutants
In the final stage of cleaning, UVGuard employs its powerful suction to capture the now dead dust mites and bacteria trapping them using a special microfiltration system. Its excellent motor power also effectively removes dust, allergens and dead skin cells.



Two-stage Filtration
A cartridge filter automatically captures larger particles and retains them so they cannot reenter the room. For small particles like microscopic dust, bacteria and dust mites, UVGuard uses a HEPA microfiltration system to capture and keep hold of them too. This means the air expelled from  UVGuard is actually cleaner than the air you breathe!