About Us

In 2005, the company leveraged its research and manufacturing capabilities to form its Health and Home Appliance Division, filling an unmet need for health conscious home appliances.  The new division proudly launched its UVGuard line of UV-C anti-allergy vacuum cleaners, now sold internationally in 13 countries including South Korea, United States, United Kingdom and Japan.

Bukang Sems currently employs two highly efficient manufacturing plants located in Incheon, near the South Korean capital and the other in Dongguan, China, outside of Guangzhou.  In 2008, the company recorded KRW 59.9 billion in revenue and operated with approximately 500 employees in Korea and China.

Bukang Sems offers products with outstanding quality and innovative designs. With its spotlight on health oriented products, Bukang Sems aims to increase the value offered to customers and to create a healthful world.


A Global Brand

Our goal at UVGuard is to help people live more healthily and become a global name in health oriented products. We continuously look for new ways to improve people’s lives, meet challenges with innovative ideas and tirelessly work to create a healthier cleaner home environment.


Proven Safe, Reliable and Effective

Internal and third party laboratory testing have proven every product in the UVGuard line is safe and highly effective. Our products also come with full electrical safety approval in every market they are sold.


Growing to Meet Your Healthy Living Needs

Bukang Sems’ Health & Home Appliances Division will expand its range of home appliances to include other products to help create a cleaner, improved living environment. We strive to be one of the top 3 recognized brands in the well being home appliance category.